Why You Should Install Pool Deck Pavers

May 14, 2024

Pool deck pavers are specifically designed tiles or bricks used to surround the water, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality. These pavers are made from concrete, brick, stone, or composite materials and are available in different designs and color schemes. Regardless of the material or design, pavers benefit pool owners due to their durability, easy installation qualities, and non-slip surface.


Pool pavers stand out with exceptional durability compared to concrete slabs or wood decking. Their structural integrity and surface endure outdoor elements—such as rain and wind—without cracking, shifting, or spalling. Pavers also resist fading and maintain their look for many years, making them a desirable landscape design element.

Easy Installation

Pavers’ design and installation process is streamlined, providing quicker turnaround times. Adding pool deck pavers to the perimeter is easier when not using mortar to hold them in place, offering flexibility to homeowners. The sections of pavers can be individually replaced if needed without disturbing an entire section of the pool deck.

Non-Slip Surface

Safety should be a primary concern around any water feature, so pavers offer a solution by being slip-resistant. Pool deck pavers are designed with non-slip textures that don’t need additional treatments or coatings, allowing children to play at the edge without falling.



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